Do you ever feel overwhelmed managing your IT infrastructure? 

Geeks at Work/Computer Tamers are here to help.  Computer Tamers have created a uniquely managed IT (information technology) service that provides small business owners with peace of mind.  Geeks at Work/Computer Tamers takes control of your IT infrastructure from wiring to server support. We also include quarterly maintenance visits to keep all your equipment current and cleaned up. 

Our Business Care also includes consulting services for strategic planning and guidance for your business as IT business developments are evaluated, planned, and executed for the future. As a trusted advisor and technology support staff, you are in a great position to transform your IT from an overhead to an asset.

Unlike most service agreements that give you a cap on hourly service, our service agreements include UNLIMITED service calls.  We even cover the travel fees, if necessary.  Most of our support is handled remotely at any time during the day. Business Care customers get top priority response from Geeks at Work/Computer Tamers!

The complexity of IT required to run a small business in today's high tech society can be overwhelming and often business owners don’t have a handle on what it really costs to have computers to support their business. We Computer Tamers have seen the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to how businesses use and take care of their computers. Computers are important today to keep records, manage projects, conduct billing, maintain an accounting system, communicate via email, instant message, host meetings, use video conferencing, conduct research, and many other activities that ensure each small business achieves its goals and succeeds.

Unlike typical expenses such as rent, utilities, payroll, etc., technology costs are often more difficult to calculate because of the hidden costs in machine downtime, as well as having inadequate and outdated systems. This is lost productivity as a direct result of poor planning or no planning at all – or just plain ignorance. These factors are extremely important and even vital for every business person to understand. Calls from frantic business owners who are locked out of their own network because their “computer person” has left their business or is unable to resolve the issues are all too common. These are the big emergencies that service providers like us deal with almost every day. The cost of having a service provider come into work in a “panic situation” of productivity loss is very high, indeed.

The amount of money that it would take to hire and retain a relatively competent computer and network person along with the additional costs in payroll taxes, benefits and other associated expenses will generally be much higher than contracting with an experienced service provider like the Computer Tamers. In every case the results will be better with an out-sourced approach.

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