Unfortunately, just like computers, TV's are becoming more complicated.  Most of them are now Smart TV's with built in apps such as Netflix and Pandora.  And like everything else quality does get you further with your purchase.

Other than picture quality, some of the other things you need to consider are the internal processor, the quality of the internal network card (both Ethernet and wireless).  Even if the remote is radio controlled or infrared.  All these functions will determine your satisfaction with the TV. 

Like a computer or your phone or tablet, the TV will have an internal processor to handle the picture quality, to load the apps such as Hulu.  The better the processor, the faster the TV will work.

Even the remote; if it’s infrared, they can be blocked, they’re slow to respond but a remote with a radio in it (such as the DirecTV remote) will work smoother, quicker and more efficiently. 

Probably the biggest, albeit least considered, is the network interface card, commonly called the NIC.  There’s usually two NIC’s in a TV; the wired (Ethernet) and the wireless).  A slower less powerful NIC will pull in slower speeds on the internet, which will in effect cause lower quality on Netflix and apps such as those.  We’ve run network bandwidth tests on lower quality TV’s and have only pulled in around 450kpbs.  Keep in mind, just to watch HD in Netflix you need a connection around 5Mbps. 

Geeks at Work / Computer Tamers can help you decide what you need for your audio/video wants.  We can help install and configure your TV, wireless devices, Apple TV’s, Roku’s, etc.  We can even mount everything without showing one wire!

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