Gaming is the thing these days, as its been for the longest time. What is the best console (Xbox One, PS4 or Wii U) for you? With the new PS4 Slim out the older version is much more inexpensive if you don’t care for 4k gaming, the same thing for Xbox One S of course the older version will be cheaper.

 The Wii U and Wii are the most affordable consoles on the market and the most family friendly.  Most Games out are cross platform so you can get a lot of the games for all consoles; a few hot games are only for one console type like Halo is for Xbox and Killzone is for PS4 - take that into consideration when you’re selecting the right console for you.  Getting an extended warranty is not a bad idea as well since these machines get super-hot and might take some damage from usage.

If you're a true die hard gamer, then you can think about purchasing a custom gaming computer.  With a computer, you will always have the latest technology because they're easily upgraded.  They're more expensive, but nothing can beat a custom gaming computer.  

A number of our technicians are gamers and have built their own gaming machines.  If you're interested, call us at our shop or stop in, sit down and have a chat with one of our techs!  828-262-3359.  We're located in the Southgate Shopping Plaza, next to WalMart in downtown Boone.