I haven’t written a new blog lately, however, this fell into my lap just this morning and I thought it was a great idea to write something up.  It’s a great learning experience for everyone (including yours truly).

So, I received the following email from a friend, who actually has a website through us, Computer Tamers, wanting my opinion.  It’s an email forward of another email from someone they knew.  Here’s a copy of the email:

They specifically made a comment that they hoped “it wasn’t the shape of things to come”. 

I’m worried that this may cause undue harm in people considering having a website.  This is not anything to worry about nor is it a preview of the future in having a website. 

This is like saying you received a virus on your computer and after which you give up using the computer.  The computer is such an integrated part of our lives, this idea is almost inconceivable (to quote our friend Vizzini from The Princess Bride https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1-b7RmmMJeo).  There are risks in everything we do.   The computer has so many benefits to us that the risk of possibly getting infected outweigh it.  Besides, if you take the appropriate precautions such as using a good anti-virus program and using some caution when web browsing and opening emails, you won’t get infected.

The same goes for having a website.  The advantages of having a website far outweigh any possible negative risks.  Websites give you:

  • Public awareness
  • Able to communicate your message to the public
  • Allow possible clients to get to know you
  • Why clients should choose you over your competition
  • Everyone has a website and actually NOT having a website raises a “red flag” to the consumer 

The good thing about having a website, you don’t have to worry about all the “bad things” that could happen.  If you choose the right web hosting company, they handle this for you.

While the customer’s files may have been compromised in the above case, there is no reason to NOT have a website.  First off, the files should have been backed up, so just a simple restore would’ve brought the site back online within minutes. 

If the hosting company kept their software up to date and had a good firewall, the attacks should have stopped. 

A high level look at a web hosting company revels that all it is, is a bunch of servers running dedicated hosting software with firewalls, anti-virus software, user interaction software, etc.  Your website is just a collection of files that sit on a portion of the server.  Just like your files on your own computer.  Of course, it’s way more complicated than that, but it gives you a general idea of what is going on in the background. 

The above is an excellent example of NOT choosing the proper web hosting company.  We here at Computer Tamers, partners with SiteGround.  I’ve used many web hosting companies in the last dozen or so years and SiteGround is, by all measures, the BEST webhosting company I’ve ever dealt with.  SiteGround has backups of backups.  They immediately cut off the website from any attack and notifies me as soon as it happens.  SiteGround also updates all their software right away AND automatically and notifies me as well.  If I ever need support, I almost guarantee that they’ll respond within minutes of my request.  Plus our websites allow you, the end-user, to update and maintain your own site.  But, only if you want to.

If you’re pondering the idea of having a website, or even if you currently have a website and concerned about its security, talk to either Mish or Jaison at Computer Tamers.  We can review everything with you; the pros and cons of a website.  We’ll sit down with you and talk about what is required for having a website and eliminate all of your concerns from registering your domain, design your site and hosting it.  We take care of it all.

Stop in at our Marion store at 104 S Iron Street, in the historic section of Marion.  Or call us as 276-664-1476.

See you on the web.