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What To Look For When Shopping For a Computer

Shopping for a computer can be a daunting and overwhelming experience for everyone who isn’t a “Geek”.

The first thing you should do is ask yourself “What do I need a computer for?”.  Do you plan on browsing the web, sending emails, creating documents, playing games or even videos?

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Confused On Buying a Smart TV?

Unfortunately, just like computers, TV's are becoming more complicated.  Most of them are now Smart TV's with built in apps such as Netflix and Pandora.  And like everything else quality does get you further with your purchase.

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Training on your new computer!

Today, getting trained and taking course can’t be closer and easier.  Your computer or tablet is your personal medium for learning and exploring the world.  Research is no longer time consuming and scattered.  Having a computer or laptop, in tip-top condition, makes using it less stressful and frustrating.  

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Gaming and What To Watch For

Gaming is the thing these days, as its been for the longest time. What is the best console (Xbox One, PS4 or Wii U) for you? With the new PS4 Slim out the older version is much more inexpensive if you don’t care for 4k gaming, the same thing for Xbox One S of course the older version will be cheaper.

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Want Faster and Better Wi-Fi?

Gone are the days that Wi-Fi only needed to support one computer for email.  Nowadays the demands on Wi-Fi are extensive; multiple laptops, tablets, cell phones, printers, gaming consoles, smart TV’s, even possibly your refrigerator.  In addition to the actual devices, we have VoIP streaming (Vonage), video streaming (such as Netflix) and even services such as Pandora.  And it’s not unusual to have every one of these devices online at the same time. 

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What a Good Web Hosting Company Should Be!

I haven’t written a new blog lately, however, this fell into my lap just this morning and I thought it was a great idea to write something up.  It’s a great learning experience for everyone (including yours truly).

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Why Hard Drives Fail

Today we rely on our computers more than ever.  They are critical to running your business and even at home, where you pay your bills online, sell your wares on eBay, or save your baby photos.   

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